Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hillcrest Soccer Pictures!!!

Alright ladies!  FINALLY, a preview of your awesome soccer pictures!  While filling out your order form, make sure you label which pictures you want ordered.  For example, say you want an 8x10 of BOTH the sitting and the standing pose, make sure you write that you want one of each.

You will also notice some of the action shots are not posted, but will still be included on a disc, if you decide to purchase one.

We also had some additional poses that were not included on the form, which was great, just unexpected.  Therefore, if you would like to order anything additional to your packages, the pricing is as follows:

Additional poses are as follows:
JV Team (both smiling & funny faces)
Varsity Team (both smiling & funny faces)
Seniors (both smiling & funny faces)
Captains (close ups, full body, laying on the ground)
Whole Team on the bleachers (smiling & funny faces) with OR without banner
Whole team by net (smiling & funny faces) with OR without banner
Goalies (full body, and holding soccer ball out)

Also, if you decide to purchase a cd, every image that you're in, will be included. 
Disc only: $40
Disc with package: $25

Furthermore, if you have multiple children on the team, I will include both girls on the same disc for an additional $10.  (Disc only: $50, Disc with package: $35)

If you have any questions, you're welcome to contact me at, or you can discuss it with Christie Latham, and she will get it taken care of.

Remember that your forms are due by Friday, August 30th, so be sure to turn them into one of the coaches or Christie Latham, along with your payment.

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